We’re making significant progress on the new site. Content has been migrated and is in the process of being cleaned up and associated with user accounts. Please make sure that you are able to log in – if you need to reset your password, follow this link. By doing this, we will be able to see all of your old posts against your name.

Thanks also to our donors, Roger, Skip and Richard.

Content migrated to new forums.
New post for home page.
Site live.

One thought on “Making Progress – Content Migrated, Site Live

  1. I live in a two season zone–sailing and boatwork. In addition to the annual ritual of closing thru-hulls, I’ve got a few other projects. Top of the list is an overhaul of the cooling system: pumps and heat exchangers. Also rebuilding the in-mast furler.

    What has the rest of the fleet got planned for the off season? For those of you lucky guys without an off season, feel free to remind me how nice it is to be afloat.

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