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    Ben Frothingham

    Hi All,

    For those of you that use a PVC pipe to get anchor chain down to the space below the factory bow locker – how did you attach the PVC to the underside of the foredeck so that it was secure and did not leak on the V-berth. Also, what size pipe is recommended to prevent jamming – 3″ or 4″ maybe?
    Thanks, Ben (Papaya #81)

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    Bryan Bywalec

    About to undertake same so reviving this Zombie thread to ask a more specific question…
    When glassing in a PVC pipe is there anything you have to do special to the PVC or will fiberglass readily adhere? Any other tips and tricks for this modification that aren’t obvious? Nervous about cutting such a big hole in the boat!

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    Miss Kathleen

    Hi Ben,

    I used a 3″ PVC pipe with the intention of changing to stainless. Well, the time has come and I will remove the PVC pipe. There is no risk when cutting this hole. I used West Epoxy on the PVC and it has held solid ever since.

    The reason I am changing to stainless is that the PVC wears through. I am also going to change the angle of the pipe to try and reduce castling of the chain.

    Water will always leak into the anchor locker, and then into the bilge. One of the oddities of the P424. Ensure that dirt and much do not block the passage to the bilge or else it will wet your toes!

    I also added a hatch in the panel below the deck of the anchor locker. This is used to ensure the chain does not castle and jam against the top of the anchor locker. This is a larger hole, but also nothing to worry about.



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    Bryan Bywalec

    The reason I am changing to stainless is that the PVC wears through.

    Out of curiosity how long did the PVC pipe last?

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