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    It is that time of year again, when all of our plugins and site registrations come up for renewal.

    If you’re finding some benefit in this site and its content and you would like to see it continue effectively, we’d appreciate it if you used the PayPal link in the header to donate.

    In previous years we had a paper newsletter and charged for it – we’ve elected to use the honor system for now to expose all of our useful conversations and content to potential owners and others who might benefit.

    This year we’re looking to figure out a better, more robust way to support the email functionality we used to have (responding to emails no longer posts to the site, thanks to a WordPress version/security update – this means you have to visit the site directly to post, which isn’t optimal at all). We’d also like to integrate the information you complete when you register with the Owners Registry – that seems like a worthwhile thing to do to save having to manage it in two locations. Thanks to Evan, we have this operational right now.

    I am looking to raise approximately $1150 to maintain the site for 2018. Right now, one of our more active contributors is providing $120 a year via a PayPal subscription. You might consider this as a Patreon-style contribution for all of our benefit.

    With deepest gratitude.

    Site Admin

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    For your reference, we’ve now raised the funds needed to keep the site as it is for another year!

    I’d like to thank the following who responded to the call for support:

    1. Evan, on Revery #219
    2. Richard, on Dream Ketcher #53
    3. Jim and Mavis, on Idyll Ours #125
    4. Roger, on Discoverie #203
    5. Ryan and Kathleen, on Juniper #206
    6. Paul, on Cygnus #80
    7. Dave and Nikki, on BooRie #7 (welcome!)
    8. David, on Sails Call #12
    9. Pat, on Blue Moon #189
    10. Mark, on Mary Murray #164
    11. Steven, on Whiffler #110
    12. Ben, on Papaya #81 (in the same yard as Site Admin, on Adventuress #19)
    13. Richard, on Black Sheep #47
    14. Chad, on Serendipity #97
    15. Phillipe, on Aurora #94
    16. Rick, on Eclipse #73
    17. Bob, on Folly II #131
    18. Alan, on Unabated #140
    19. Adam, on On Call, #113
    20. Colin, on Wavelength, #183
    21. Gary, on JB Moates, #116
    22. David G, on Indulgence, #179
    23. Dennis, on Flying Mare, #22
    24. Dennis B, on Miss Kathleen, #57
    25. Pat H, on Second Wind, #85
    26. Charles, who didn’t mention his boat.

    Thank you for your generosity and supporting our community and great old boats!

    If you’re getting value out of this community, and would like to see it continue to flourish, consider using the PayPal link in the header on the site to contribute as you see fit. Right now, we are about $300 short of our annual budget with about 240 subscribers, so keep that in mind as you ponder whether to contribute.

    With deepest gratitude for your support.

    Site Admin

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    Thanks all – I’m looking to transfer responsibility for the site to a new person or team in the next 6-12 months. If anyone is up for it, please let me know.


    Site Admin

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