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    It is that time of year again, when all of our plugins and site registrations come up for renewal.

    If you’re finding some benefit in this site and its content and you would like to see it continue effectively, we’d appreciate it if you used the PayPal link in the header to donate.

    In previous years we had a paper newsletter and charged for it – we’ve elected to use the honor system for now to expose all of our useful conversations and content to potential owners and others who might benefit.

    Our Owners Registry has been a tremendous success. And this year we’re looking to expand our content management to allow all of you to contribute new articles directly to the site. What is really cool is seeing all of the new faces on the site!

    I am looking to raise approximately $1500 to maintain the site for 2019, so we can introduce deeper integration with photos and other content. Right now, two of our more active contributors are providing $120 a year(a total of $240) via a PayPal subscription. You might consider this as a Patreon-style contribution for all of our benefit.

    Of course, this is voluntary, and will result in your name being added to the honors list on the site, expressly, or anonymously.

    With deepest gratitude.

    Site Admin

    List of 2019 Donors:

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    Rich Harris

    Done. Well worth it.

  • #224765

    And Paul!

  • #224769

    And Keith!

  • #224778

    And Ben, Robert and John.

    Thank you!

    We’re up to $600 thus far.

  • #224791

    And thanks to Richard, Allan and Dennis. We’re up to $850 right now!

  • #224795

    Thank you Mark, Eric and Shadow Dancer Media!

    Everyone who has responded, your support has been generous and very helpful!

  • #224796

    We’re up to $975!! Just a few more supporters and we’re there!

  • #224798

    Thank you Richard! We’re at $1025, just $475 short of our target. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

  • #224804

    Thank you Nicholas and Robert!

    We’re down to $350.

    Thank you all – and it’s really good to see all the new names contributing.

  • #224808

    Thank you Ryan! We’re down to $300!

    Thank you everyone!

  • #224816

    And thanks Eric. We’re now at $275 remaining to raise.

  • #224879

    Thanks David – We’re at $250 remaining!

    Great effort by the community. Looks like our Pearson 424’s will keep on sailing long into the future!

  • #224939

    Thank you Mary and Linus! We’re at $125 to go!

    It’s great to see all the new names!

  • #224947

    Thank you Steven and Michael! $75 to go!

  • #224948

    Who will it be to put in the last $75? We’re so close!

  • #224950

    Thank you Patrick $50 to go!

  • #224952

    Randall Riggs


    Randall Riggs
    S/V Beluga

  • #224958

    Thank you! We’re done! Good to go for another year. More to come shortly!

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