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    Rock Richardson

    have a wench (bow), engine, and two house batteries, a 75 watt solar panel and engine alternator would like to charge all at once but not overcharge. sorry newbie

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    I’m not sure I understand your question but let me give it a try. I assume that the winch battery is up forward, placed there to avoid having to run a heavy set of cables to the winch. You should be able to charge them by simply connecting them to the house batteries. You should use a heavy gauge wire pair to connect this. 6 or 8 AWG is probably heavy enough. I chose to connect my winch directly to my house batteries but I had to use expensive wire, 2/0.

    As for the house batteries, setting up a charging system for them is a pretty big topic. You’ll never get two boaters to agree on the right setup if there is such a thing. I suggest that you get a book and read up on it. Here’s a popular book that many folks like.

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