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    I have a single group 27 battery under the vee berth for the windlass and wash down pump. I am having to switch to a flooded battery from AGM because of the price. I don’t feel like there is a great danger from the gassing. The original batteries were wet cell.
    The last AGMs lasted 10 years. I don’t expect these to do more than a few, hopefully I will be in better shape for buying the good ones then.
    Just want your thoughts about this.

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    Idyll Ours

    I have a similar battery configuration for windlass and thruster and have had one battery explosion due to trapped hydrogen gases under the bunk and arcing at a loose connection on the thruster. There was a significant cleanup required of battery case shrapnel as well as the flushing of the inside of the hull and then bilge to neutralize the acid. I still have a wet cell battery but pay a great deal of attention to both monitoring water levels as well as battery terminal and thruster connections.

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