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    Rob Osterman


    I’ve been working on fixing the cabin sole sag around the mast.

    I cut open two new hatches to gain access to the sagging area and found that the cabin sole had cracked along the length of the boat near the face of the settee. It seems like the weight of the water tanks contributed to this.

    I decided to add some support by cutting a 3×3” wood beam and angling it to the general slope of the hull. The length of the beam fits between the two cross beams supporting the sole. I wedged the beam deeply between the bottom of the cabin sole and the hull using thickened epoxy to hold it in there. Additionally, I added small wedges between the gaps in the sole support structure around the sagging area to raise it up a bit.

    While the area seems better supported I began to realize the gaps on the cross beams are there for a reason. Did I create a big, dangerous hard spot given the wedging of a big piece of wood between the sole and hull? I’m not sure how thick the hull is directly under the water tanks and if eliminating the gap of the cross members and hull is something to be avoided. I noticed another poster indicating a similar repair of the area and that the area flexed quite a bit.

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    Miss Kathleen

    Hi Rob,

    I had the same problem. The starboard side was worse. I added a small column between the existing beam and keel after jacking up the crossbeam. This solved the problem.

    On close inspections you will see that the cabin sole is only attached to the hull via the built-in supports.

    I tried adding a piece of wood between the stringer on the hull and the cabin sole, which was quite a tight fit, but seemed to loosen up over time, or hull movement.

    Best not add a support to the hull.

    I can post a photo if you need more info.



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    Hello Rob. Been out cruising a while and just saw your post. I did the same thing you did…cut holes in the sole adjacent the face of the settees. Then used pipe clamps to raise the floor back into position (used the top of the settee as something to clamp to). Then added vertical lumber pieces (three per side to hold the floor in position). I cut the bottom of the vertical support pieces to approximate the contour of the floor, then set them in place in a wet bed of thickened epoxy. After that I glassed the pieces in place with biaxial cloth and epoxy resin. I’m not too concerned about hard spots. First, the load doesn’t seem to be too much. Second, the hull is pretty thick through there. Lastly, I spread the load out a bit by using multiple supports, each one pretty thick, around two inches thick I think. Also, by glassing them in, it spreads the load even more. My repair was done a year or more ago, and had the boat out to sand/paint the bottom and didn’t notice any deformity on the bottom. Though to be honest, wasn’t looking for any.

    Blue Moon

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