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    Rich Harris

    We have an Exide Nautilus 2000ex inverter charger on our boat that has decided it doesn’t want to charge. It starts charging after cycling the breaker then within a few seconds stops.
    I’ve been using my google-fu since last night looking for an online manual or any troubleshooting info I could find. I’ve only found a few of them for sale but no manuals or troubleshooting guides. Any help for a service manual or experience with one would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have a Victron multi plus. One day found all my batteries dead (they were 10 years old) so I replaced them. The charger still showed low battery. I had installed a shutoff so the inverter wouldn’t turn on while working on the 120 volt system. The switch had failed, come apart. Replaced the switch and everything is back to normal.
    You should have a disconnect also for safety’s sake. Just an option.

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