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    Jim Cutler

    I just put fuel in my 424 that I recently purchased and discovered that the aperture of the deck fitting was barely big enough for the pump nozzle. This caused pressure to build in the tank that the vent could not keep up with. Has anyone else run into this?

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    Large nozzles usually mean a high volume pump, large nozzles are used for faster refueling of larger boats. I ran into that in St. Lucia.
    Just have refuel slower to allow the air to escape from the our smaller vent.
    Unless you have spider nests in your vent which happens also.

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    Eric Palm

    Hello, I also noticed this as well and compensated by pumping slowly out of the high output nozzles in Chicago. However I plan on replacing the deck fitting to accommodate the high output nozzles.

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    Jim Cutler

    The small vent tube is another issue but good to know this is only an issue with high volume pumps. Thanks.

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