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    Jim Cutler

    When I purchased my 424 the sea trail showed that the helm was light to the touch when under power. I did not move the vessel for a couple of weeks and then took her out to get her refueld. As soon as I was under way under power the helm had a strong pull to starboard. I am struggling to understand what might have happened. Is this an imbalance issue (e.g. too much weight on one side of the boat?

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    My boat pulls hard to starboard under power also. This is normal and caused by the prop rotation. Pearson offset the prop skeg a bit to compensate for this but under high throttle settings the engine will overcome the offset. Under moderate power settings, perhaps 6.3 kts or so, the boat is neutral. If I push the throttle up to over 7kts, it begins to pull hard to starboard. At 7.8kts, it will overcome the autopilot.

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