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    Rock Richardson

    i have taken all the wood from the the forward v-birth didnt take pics cant figure out how all the wood goes back on. its like a jigsaw puzzel . should of taken pictures. here is what i have (see pics) i plan on putting thin fiberglass sheets on the top sides and top front. the rest will be foam backed vinyl.

    1. vbirth-7.jpg

    2. vbirth1.jpg

    3. vbirth4.jpg

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    It’s hard to see what you really have there. At first glance, I thought the original owner may have covered the inside of the hull with wood strips, but I don’t think the photo shows enough strips. If you have a rub-rail, you would have strips to cover the screw-heads. The photo is cut-off at the top so I can’t see if you have screws there. Pearson also put some teak strips along the outside of the v-berth where the tabbing ends. You’ll have to take a close look at the length of what you have and see where it might fit.


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