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    Hi all,
    I was just curious to see: how much water is typically sitting in your deep sump/bilge? Mine is always an inch or so in the deep keel (my bilge pumps push it out when it gets any higher). I was just interested to see if others experience a truly dry bilge (no water) or have more?



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    My sump always has water in it. I’ve heard of others claiming ‘dusty bilges’ but I am not so fortunate. Leaks from rainwater will find it’s way to the bilges (from the cockpit, typically, or legit bilge air vents, or the anchor locker area) and are not of too much concern to me as long as no interior damage is occurring. And if you have air conditioning, it is likely that condensation from the evaporators is routed to your bilge. However, it is good to monitor what’s going on the bilge. Could be salt water leaks (not good…just had one myself).

    Blue Moon

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