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    As anyone replace the old bomar hatches with the new lewmar ocean series?
    I removed the old fowaard hatch and found that the new frame is a little narrower than the old one. Which means i’lll have to fill and gelcoat the old holes.
    The bigger issue is there is a ring of solid silicone around the opening at least 1/4 in thick. The placement of the new screws puts them right on the edge of the fibreglass and the silicone. Not much holding holding the screws in.

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    Hello Alan. Though I have the Ocean Series hatches on my vessel, I did not install them. Cosmetically they look great. Can’t speak to what is beyond the flange of the hatch.

    I did have a similar problem on my Caliber. Hatch leaks which were caused by the opening for the hatch being cut ‘square’ in the corners, while the hatches themselves had a radius in the corners. Insufficient ‘meat’ for the hatches to seal against at the corners, though cosmetically you could not see the problem with the hatches installed. The solution was fairly simple. Thoroughly removed the existing silicone sealant (I hate that stuff and rarely use it), ground the lip of the existing edge to produce a bit of taper (at the square corners), then taped something plastic with a light coat of wax under the existing lip, laid in glass and epoxy resin where the new material was needed, let cure, then cut the new material to the required contour. Of course then the lip needed to be ground/sanded/filled etc.. Sounds like in your case you might have a finishing challenge as well as I believe your work will show outside the flange.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on the subject. Good luck with the project! I think you will enjoy the new hatches.

    Blue Moon, #189

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