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    Rich Harris

    I’m in the process of replacing the mainsheet, traveler and mainsheet blocks on Forget Knot.
    Currently the mainsheet is 9/16″ dia line. I’m curious to know what everyone else is running. For a main under 300sq ft, it seems like it is a bit oversized which isn’t a bad thing but I’ve got a line on some blocks that are for line that’s just a bit smaller.
    Rich Harris

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    Idyll Ours

    I replaced traveler control blocks with Harken and powder coated the riser blocks last year, I think my mainsheet is 9/16 also and is unchanged from previous owner.

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    My original equipment mainsheet is 5/8″, hanging on the wall in my garage. I’ve since replaced it. Anything 1/2″ or larger should work just fine. Larger line is easier to handle and easier on the hands.

    I’ve since replaced the three blocks on the boom with Garehauer blocks. These ball-bearing blocks have lower friction and make the main easier to trim. IMHO, they make the best stuff out there and they are very cost effective. I haven’t replaced the two deck-mounted blocks, the cheek-block and stand-up block, because they would be a PIA to replace.


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    Rich Harris

    Thank you. I passed on the deal. I’ll stick with what I have and replace with new blocks soon. My blocks are serviceable for now but the traveler is on its way to the dump. I am going with Harken simply because I got a brand new pair of end blocks for a 4:1 setup for free.

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