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    Rock Richardson

    i am bring topaz home to a canal in cape coral. i have a ketch and i have to get under electric lines across the canal at 55 ft can i make it ?

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    The published mast height for the ketch is 48’10”. You should not have a problem with 55′ as long as nothing protrudes that high. We routinely go under bridges of 50′ published height. We often drag the VHF antenna, but not a problem for us. Bear in mind the VHF antenna is normally 3 feet. Probably not smart to drag that into an active power line! But with 55′, unless there are factors we are not aware of, should not present a problem.

    A bit off topic, but we designed and built a heeling (ballast) bag. When the water level is up, we lean our boat up to 15 degrees with the bag, giving us an extra two feet or so. A pain in the you know what to dig out the equipment, get it rigged, and fill the bag. But it works.


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