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    Has anyone moved their battery bank to under the aft berth?
    Considering moving them from starboard locker to inside under the aft berth. Pro and cons? Details?

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    If you look at Tor’s site: he has a write up on his move to under the bunk

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    Let me know what you find out.. I have a total of 4 d size, 2 of which are in my port cockpit locker that are completely blocking 2 of my sea cocks and I want to move them as well.
    They would be perfect under the aft berth but am not sure they would fit and how to deal with the ventilation.

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    When I bought my cutter she had 4@4D under the aft berth, two in each of the aft-most compartments. These were AGM so there was not a lot of vent consideration. However there is an approximately 4×5 vent, but this is largely to provide some circulation to the inverter, which is also under the berth. After hernia surgery, I replace the 4Ds with 6@6volt Lifeline batteries. I also have a 12v starter battery and my water heater under the berth.

    I don’t have pics of the 4Ds, but I’ll try to post how I setup the 6@6v. There are four sections under the berth, I’m using the aft two to hold batteries.

    1. 6121EE08-4436-453E-BA12-E94BAB9AA44A.jpeg

    2. 6C1E72BA-C4E6-4611-B58C-A966281837DF.jpeg

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      That looks super.. I am thinking of modifying the patricians to get them in..
      Need to make sure that they are not providing any needed structural support to the hull.. Thoughts?

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    Hi Alan!

    I hope you and Pearson are well.

    I moved my batteries under the steering quadrant. There is room for 6 golf cart batteries down there, and it is space it is useless for pretty much anything else.

    The only downside is checking the water level in the batteries takes a few minutes. I do it twice a season so moving a few things out of the lazaret is not such a big deal.

    You have to build a marine plywood box for them and then bolt it to the two stringers. If you want I’ll take some pictures for you.

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