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    Scott Brown

    Hi there,

    looking to add an inner forestay to my hood stowaway mast and turn this sloop into a cutter. the deck layout drawing on the site is extremely helpful, but surely SOMEONE has a copy of the actual sail plan for the cutter rig! the one posted is just for the sloop! I need the dimension for the height to mount my attachment for the stay to the mast.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Bryan Bywalec

    Hello Scott,

    Thanks for pointing out that the cutter plan is actually the sloop plan. I have been reorganizing the data on the site and didn’t catch that… I’ll look in my documents to see if I have the actual sail plan. I have a Plan C so if you need measurements I can take them from the actual boat too. I have to go up the mast this weekend anyway.

    My wife and I have been working on CAD drawings of the Plan C so we can always make one from scratch if no one has one.



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    Not sure what you mean by the cutter plan is actually the sloop plan (perhaps a mix up on the site), but remember that the cutter mast is placed approximately a foot aft. That definitely changes the geometry of the fore-triangle.

    I’m away from the boat for two weeks, but I can get the actual height above deck of the tang when I get back.

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    For most of the build years, the sloop and tall ketch had the same rig. The cutter was different, placing the mast a bit farther aft. I own a sloop, hull #47. It’s the same as the tall ketch. I even have the same reinforced cockpit sole for the mast and the attachment points for the mizzen shrouds. At some point, Pearson changed the build to move the sloop mast farther aft, making the sloop and cutter the same. I can’t seem to find a reference for the change. Bacon Sails used to list the sloop dimensions for the two different sloop rigs but they no longer list the sloop dimensions. I don’t know how many sloops were made, probably few.


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    Bryan Bywalec

    Hi there,

    I need the dimension for the height to mount my attachment for the stay to the mast.

    The sloop sail plan drawing on the site lists that it applies to only hulls 1 through 205. Perhaps that is when they changed the deck mold for the sloop.

    The J dimensions, bow to front of mast, of the Ketch is 15.75 ft. For the Cutter it is 18.20 ft. According to my reverse engineering of the cutter GA drawing, the staysail attaches 31.65 ft above the deck at the mast on the cutter.

    The Plan C has a different interior bulkhead layout than the Ketch or the Sloop so the deck attachment point may need to be investigated. I believe the bulkhead on the Ketch is farther aft and if the mast is farther forward it might cause the sail to be super tall and skinny if you use the cutter dimension.

    If you can measure the J dimension of your boat and propose a place to attach it on the deck I think we can narrow down a proper height.

    Where do you intend to attach it to the deck? It needs to be a strong point like a bulkhead or you’ll have to add a rod to hold the connenection down. My cutter also has check stays to prevent the mast bending forward at the staysail connection.

    The drawing on actually shows two mast locations for the Plan A so you can get a sense of the difference in the attached picture.


    1. Pearson-424-Profile-and-Plan.jpg

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