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    Ryan Doyle

    Hi all,

    We are in the market for a new main and mizzen. We have received several quotes and are looking for your advice. It is nearly impossible to compare apples to apples since each loft is offering different cloth, etc. Essentially, here is what I’m looking at:

    Doyle — Durasail (their basic cruising line) with 9.4 Contender Supercruise on the main and 7.4 Contender Supercruise on the mizzen

    Doyle — Bluewater (their high end cruising line) with 9.46 Contender Low Aspect on the main and 7.46 Contender Low Aspect on the mizzen — *This is 60% more expensive than the Doyle Durasail*

    Neil Pryde — Cruise Plus (their mid level cruising line) with 9.18 Challenge Performance Cruise on the main and 7.18 Challenge Performance on the mizzen *Pricewise, this falls between Doyle’s & UK’s basic lines and Doyle’s Bluewater line*

    Quantum – 8.52 Contender High Aspect Polypreg on the main and 8.52 Contender High Aspect on the mizzen *The most expensive quote of them all*

    UK Sails – 8 oz Dacron on the main and 7.3oz Dacron on the mizzen (their basic cruising line) *Nearly the same price as Doyle’s basic Durasail line*

    All have lofts nearby, which is important for us because this is our first time buying sails and we want to face time with someone from the loft (and why we decided against Rolly Tasker, for instance, although they had the best prices). Durability is probably the most important criteria for us. Sails aren’t cheap and we want a workhorse that will last.

    In addition to your thoughts on sailmaker and sailcloth, I would also appreciate your advice on:

    – # Reefs for main and mizzen (thinking 2 for main and not sure about the mizzen, maybe none)
    – Batten configuration on main and mizzen
    – Furling systems — We are considering a Dutchman on the main.

    Thanks very much for your input!

    Ryan & Kathleen
    Juniper #206

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    Warren Stringer

    Hi Ryan,

    I can’t help you with your options for sailmakers and materials, except to say that your mizzen and jib are your heavy weather sails, so choose your mizzen sailcloth with that in mind. For the same reason I would include at least one set of reef points in the mizzen.

    Given running backstays on the mizen, there would be no reason not to use full length battens, unless this would create weather helm issues.

    I have lazyjacks on both the main and mizzen; both have rings where the lines come together so that the lazyjacks can be lowered and looped around a hook on each side of the mast to keep them out of the way when sailing, or when the sails are furled. When we lower or reef the sail, they form a bit of a cage so that we can keep sailing without having to furl the sail or collect the bunt. A Dutchman will do the same thing, but will prevent you from setting up an awning over the boom.

    Hope this helps.

    Warren Stringer
    s/v Adagio, P424#149

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