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    Bart Caskey

    So my boat is a Pearson 390… Sort of the redheaded stepchild of the 424. I’m working on the powertrain of this new to me boat and I need to figure out the old Perkins 4.108, what sort of Borg Warner Velvet Drive gear ratio the transmission would carry. I’m assuming it’s 1:1 ratio? The engine, rather noisily, purrs like a kitten … However very recently the transmission seized and I have ordered a new 71c velvet Drive with the 1:1 ratio. Am beginning to second-guess my choice of gear ratio any help?

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    Bryan Bywalec

    Does it have a v-drive? I believe that the 424s have 1:1 transmissions but a reduction gear in the v-drive.

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    I believe Bryan is correct. My 422 has a 2:1 reduction in the v-drive and a 1:1 ratio in the BW Velvet drive.

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    Bart Caskey

    thanks guys, and ordered the one one direct drive but it turns out is direct drive with gear ratio that I need to replace. Now have to pull the old one apart to identify what gear ratio it is

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