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    As you’re aware, we have a pretty cool list of projects on other sites available on the Project Directory. In service of the community I would like to begin both publishing projects on this site, and connecting to others on other sites (obviously P424-related!)

    Do you have a project you’d like to showcase here? Do you have a link on your own site you’d like to highlight? Tor, I know you have many, I’m wondering what will happen to them as Silverheels is sold?

    If so, get in touch on this thread, and I can get going with it!

    Thanks for making our community such a great place to be!

    Site Admin

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    I have a few projects that are documented on the pages below including a lot of info about repowering.


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    I wrote up few dozen of my 424 projects as Cruising Tips and, in some cases, longer articles for the magazines over the past 10 years. Two-dozen of those tips wound up posted online at , and others at . I plan to keep that website going even after I eventually shut down, so those pieces will still be accessible. In fact, I have another dozen or so still to post there when I get around to it.


    Of course, there are scores of Silverheels projects that I did not write up as (what I call) “Tor’s Tips.” When asked, I described some of them to this forum in some detail at the times I did them, often with photos. I don’t know if those emails were preserved by I’m sure I have them because I file all correspondences, but I don’t plan to do anything with them. At some point I just figure it’s all dust in the wind anyway. 😉


    If anyone is interested enough, they are welcome to peruse , which will remain online until Silverheels is sold, and let me know if there are specific projects & upgrades listed there that you’d like more info on. I’m always happy to share stuff like that with other sailors.











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