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    Hello all,

    I am in the midst of a survey on Blue Moon, for insurance purposes. The surveyor is concerned about a propane odor in the propane locker, as am I. Frankly, it has been this way since I purchased the vessel a number of years ago. I have changed the hoses and the regulator, and of course I have soap tested it to death. No bubbles, no problems noted. And the leak down check (to the solenoid, which is mounted in the propane locker) is perfect. Can’t get the gauge to drop at all. And it is a new gauge (relatively) as it came with the regulator, and does indeed drop with propane use.

    I asked the friendly folks at ACE about this situation, and they told me that tanks with OPD valves, which is the current valve in use on tanks, occasionally let of a minor amount of propane to compensate for temperature fluctuations. I need to verify this with a pro gas man (I know one). But anyway, wondered if any of y’all have experienced propane odors in the locker. Thanks!

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    Eric Lorentzon

    Have you checked to make sure the locker is venting properly? The drain and upper vents can become clogged and if there is any residual from changing out the tank it could just be lingering scent – Propane has no natural order, so it is scented.
    I had an issue where mud wasps decided the upper vent would make a great nursery….

    Best –

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    Chris Warren

    We leave the stove top on and then go on deck and shut off the propane once the valve switch goes to red to indicate it is closed. I guess that allows the propane in the line to burn out. We had all the lines and the regulator changed out and this is the only way to ensure there is no propane in the lines.

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    I think what Eric said would be the place to start.
    My locker also has two vents.. one at the bottom and one at the top.
    That permits fresh air to enter at the top and any gas (heaver than air) to flow out of the bottom.
    Both go out thru the transom. Easy enough to pour warn soapy water in the locker and thru the top vent and look for the flow out thru the transom or leaking water in the lines in the locker.
    Good luck..
    Mela #99

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    Thanks for the responses, guys. Yes, I did check the vent/drain. I thoroughly cleaned the locker a few months back, and the vent was fine. For the surveyor, I poured water in the top of the locker and it drained out fine at the bottom and through the transom. I have no vent at the top, but as the lid is not sealed I believe that there is plenty of opportunity for air to get to the top of the locker. All I can figure is that there was a leak at some point, and the stuff they add to propane to make it smell soaked into the rather porous gel coat of the locker. I think the chemical they use is rather pernicious.


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    Well, it appears that there is a miniscule crack in a swage on the high pressure side. The discrepant piece is one of the brass end fittings on one of the fairly new rubber hoses that goes from one of the tanks to the pressure regulator. I asked a friend, who is a licensed gas man, to help me troubleshoot this problem, and he brought over some “mega-bubble” liquid. Basically a form of dishwashing soap for locating gas leaks. Shot it over all the fittings, and found some minor ‘fuzz’ develop on the discrepant fitting after about five minutes. Repeated the exercise several times to verify. I removed the hose and used the other one on the bottle in question, and it appears that so far the odor is no more. Checking again this morning and hope there is no smell of propane!


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