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    Windward Star

    I’ve begun to rebed my stantions. After removing the first one I was pleasantly surprised to find a solid core!(see pic) I’ve done a fair amount of rebeding of hardware on my last boat and have always had success with the Compass Marine method; oversize hole filled with thickened epoxy, and butyl tape for water proofing. My question is; the stantions on my boat, and I’m assuming all 424’s, have a rubber gasket between the stantion base and the deck. Apparently this gasket has been doing its’ job despite looking very rotted along the outter edges. I noticed that my stantion bases are not flat, they’re a little cupped and suspect the rubber gasket filled in the uneven base well enough. Do you think a couple layers of butyl tape will be as successful keeping water out? Have any of you found the same with your stantion bases?

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    When I did mine (all of them), I too found less rot and damage than I expected, based on all the gel coat cracking. In my case, I ground out all the stanchion area glass and balsa down to the bottom layer of glass. Then built up with solid glass, finished, and ultimately refinished all the non-skid. Perhaps overkill on my part, but I wanted to get rid of all the visible cracks. Looks great now (did the job a couple of years ago)

    Yes, I did find the stanchion bases not perfectly flat. Perhaps I took the easy way out, but I simply used 4000 or 4200 between the deck and the bottom of the stanchion base plate. Lightly torqued, then final torque after a few days. Looks good, no unsightly cracked rubber gasket sticking out, and apparently effective. No leaks after several years, and no deck/gel coat cracking. I suspect your butyl tape would work fine too.

    I did replace the backing plates when I did the job. It was cheap and easy to use 3/16″ aluminum plate, with SS oversize washers. SS backing plates would be better, but there you have it. I think it is better than what was there when the boat left the factory.

    Blue Moon, #189

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    Hoping I can get some assistance with bases in general.

    Does anyone know if the bases are without any degree inward/outward OR better where can these bases be bought?

    We’ve had Irma damage here in Florida Keys and myself and another owner are in need of bases and stanchions. says he has them but needs to know more specifics.

    I’ve looked at mine and two other 424’s and cannot definitely determine a consistent answer!

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    Revery’s are not angled. Hull #219…

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    Blue Moon’s are angled. Don’t know to what degree. You might try Suncor or Whitewater for your bases. If all you can find are non-angled, and you want angled, you could always manufacture angled spacers out of ‘starboard’. Not too hard to do if you have a table saw and sabre saw and/or chop saw of some sort.


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    Garhauer will make you exact duplicates of your stantion bases for a very fair price.

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    I’d really like to replace my four gate stanchions with something more robust, something with two legs rather than a leg and a piece of rod screwed to the deck. Garhauer makes a gate stanchion and if there is enough interest would probably be willing to make them with the same mounting pattern and angle as the gate original. My boat is in storage. It would be difficult for me to pull a stanchion off my deck. Does anyone have one we could use to send in as a template?

    To work with the existing lower-lifeline, the gate post must have ring welded to let the lower lifeline pass through instead of putting it on the support leg.

    If I order replacements, I’m planning to have them made just a bit taller so the top lifeline is higher. My winch-handle currently snags the top lifeline. An inch higher would fix this.


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