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    Anyone have an insurance carrier for outside the US that they recommend?

    I think I’m going to let our full coverage policy expire soon and go with a liability only policy… Just something that will satisfy marinas and customs officials. Our current agent won’t sell a liability only policy, and the best quote I have in hand now is for almost $900/yr.

    Right now Rhythm is in Mexico and our liability policy through a Mexican company runs just $200/yr. But, that’s only valid in Mexico and we’ll be heading for the S. Pacific in a few months.

    Maybe $900 a month is just the going rate for liability coverage these days, but thought I’d ask around first just to make sure.

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    I saw a talk that Al Golden gave to the Seven Seas Assoc.
    Long time sailor.. crossed oceans etc.. Seems to be very knowledgeable..
    You might want to talk to him about the options/cost…
    Sorry I could not be of more help..

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    Surprisingly, Progressive has been great with us. We had to go through a broker, however, but even that has been great.
    Our liability, uninsured boater, and medical payments portion is $265 a year. Add $60 to that for the same on our tender.
    Granted, it’s probably lower since it’s bundled with comp and collision, but it’s a far sight better than what you were quoted.
    I’d suggest finding an independent agent who deals with Progressive. They do off-shore, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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