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    David Siegel

    I promised to share examples and lessons from our recent refit by Covey Island Boatworks. Here are few things that might be of interest to other owners.

    1. Although we had not experienced oil canning, we did have a web of stress cracks at the bows. In addition to adding ribs, we had the shelves glassed in, and used as the base for cabinets. The lateral partitions of the cabinets were also glassed in, making the structure quite strong. The ribs served as a base for spruce hull ceiling.

    2. We discovered that the cabin top handrails were only screwed in from below, and many of the holes were stripped. The rails were essentially being held on by a few screws and sealant. We replaced them with beefier, properly through-bolted rails.

    3. There have been a lot of creative solutions for installing windlasses. Ours is a vertical one, mounted just aft of the anchor locker. The chain drops through a hawse pipe in the anchor locker lid, under which is the mouth of a chain pipe. This arrangement made it difficult to open the lid. There was also no good way to lead the rode for a second anchor into the locker. (If anyone knows the rationale for the slot in the starboard side of the lid, I would love to hear it!). Our solution was to split the lid into two parts. The port side opens, and the starboard side, including an extra lobe to include the hawse pipe, is fixed. The opening between them is aligned right under where the chain runs back to the windlass, so the chain does not interfere with opening.

    4. We ordered mast pulpits from, who worked from plans that this owners group had supplied a few years ago. We found that the outboard foot was canted too much, and needed to add a canted pad to fill the space.

    David and Susan



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    David Siegel
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    james meyer

    On another front – in your refit did you put any solar panels on ? If so what brand and where ? I just bought 200 watts Reology panels

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      David Siegel

      No solar panels yet. However, we did radically increase our battery capacity. Panels and/or wind generator are in our future.

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    David Siegel

    Sorry about the multiple photos. When I was uploading them, it looked like the process failed several times, and I realized I was making a “user error.” Finally, I did it the correct way. Later, all the others showed up, but the editing function was not available.

    Here is another photo of the refit in progress.


    1. IMG_20190708_104923.jpg

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    Hector Guerrero

    Hello David,

    This is fantastic! Exactly what I’ll be doing for my headliners – Are those PVC or wood beadboard? Also, What length did you purchase, 8″? Thanks in advance for the tip.

    Hector – svcaerus

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      David Siegel

      Hi Herctor. In the photo, the guys are reinstalling the overhead I made last year.

      The boards are PVC, 8′ in length. However, I cut them into shorter sections so they would not flex uncontrollably in the installation. Cutting them to fit, using the original overhead panels as templates, was quite challenging, and there was a lot of wastage, so be sure to buy plenty. Part of the cutting challenge was that the original panels had spaces between them, but I had to make the new overhead continuous or I never would have been able to get the grooves to line up. So I butted up several strips to make a wide enough panel to lay 2 side by side overhead panels on them, trying to approximate the space that had been left. This was challenging because those spaces were not exact in the first place–they didn’t have to be–and my approximation introduced more errors.

      Here’s a photo of the cabin before it was disassembled to enable rebedding deck hardware. The dome nuts that you see were for through bolting mast pulpit bases. The real nuts are under the overhead. The bolts have now been cut back and we are covering the holes with new dome lights.


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    Hector Guerrero

    David & Susan,

    Thank you very much for this information very helpful for me, I greatly appreciate it! Your galley turned out beautiful – love it. Definitely, I going with the PVC beadboard. I do have the templates form my headliners, I can’t wait to start this process and currently dealing with insulation. I may have other questions, as I’m going to a total refit in my boat. Thank you in advance for all the help.

    hector – svcaerus

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