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    Rich Harris

    I’ve got my salon table out for stripping right now and put together some photos and sketches for a guy on the FB 424 page. Here is a link to the google album I put together if anyone is interested. Please excuse the appearance of the shop and table. The table is partially stripped at this point. Not sure what was used as finish but it’s some foul smelling and tough to remove stuff when combined with citrus stripper. Anyway here is the link:

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    Looks like your boat has a custom made shelf under the table. My boat doesn’t have such a thing and I don’t think it was made by Pearson.

    Your mast bracket is different than mine and I don’t have holes in the side of the table to mount it to the mast.


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    Rich Harris

    Rich, my PO had it made I believe in Panama when he was down there. It’s made out of a different wood, mahogany, and the thickness of the wood lends itself to being metric vice imperial. All the boards measure right at 10 mm thick not 3/8 or 1/2. It’s a nice shelf to put things on and he used it to keep all his documents for the boat down there so they were out of the way and readily accessible.

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