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    Hi everyone. I just made an offer on “Dos Locos”. The boat is in great shape but doesn’t have a salon table. Any one knows how/where can I get one/ or a similar one to adapt.
    Many thanks!

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    Rich Harris

    If you are near mo on the Chesapeake, you’re welcome to take measurements. If you’re willing to wait until sailing season is over, Constitution Woodcraft can make it for you.

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    I recall a thread a few years back when an owner stated that he intended to remove the table because it was in the way and never used. I suggested that he store the thing and keep it handy in case a subsequent owner didn’t appreciate his modification. I don’t think he did. I wonder if you now have his boat.

    I think that Pearson used an off-the-shelf table and modified it with the cutout for the mast. I think I remember seeing the table inline from a teak furniture outlet along with other teak stuff like a roll-top-desk and teak-grate end-tables. As I recall, Defender carried the product line but I don’t see it in their website. A quick search for the vendor didn’t yield any results but if you keep looking you might find it. You might call Defender and see if they can recall who the manufacturer was.

    If you can’t, I’ll take some measurements and send some photos.


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    Randall Riggs

    I got one I’ll sell ya’…


    Randall Riggs
    S/V Beluga

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    Bryan Bywalec

    I looked at that boat. Did the owner replace the fuel tank or are you taking that on? It seemed to me that the boom was short for a sloop so I thought it might have been a ketch with the mizzen removed but the owner said it was always a sloop.

    I liked the modification he did to the bilge, let me know how that works out long term.

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    Except for perhaps the last year of production, the sloop and tall ketch have the same main mast and boom. The only difference is that the sloop lacks the mizzen. The cutter has the mast a bit further aft but it is also the same. The last year or so of production they made the cutter and sloop the same.

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