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    Would any of you factory cutter owners happen to have a picture of your staysail boom setup? The PO didn’t ever use it as a cutter (???!!!) and had the boom in storage; no tackle. And I have no idea how it was set up originally.

    On a brighter note, I have a never-used staysail…saves some expense!


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    Windward Star

    I don’t seem to have any but can take some this weekend.
    Mine wasn’t rigged when we bought the boat either, so I rigged it based on what I saw on an IP.

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    Thanks much!
    And of course, I should have thought to look at other boats. I walk past an IP on my dock every day…duh!

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    Windward Star

    I’ve got some pictures for you, but they’re too big to post to the site. I can email them to you.

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    I derigged my boom yesterday, so before doing so shot a few photos. I’m going to keep it around for a while to make sure I definitely don’t want it, but I think it’s going to go into the garage for good when I get north in the spring. The staysail just flies better off sheets and the foredeck space this frees up is really nice to have.

    The photos should show pretty well how mine’s rigged, and that’s worked about as well as I can get the boom to run. It runs from a becket block at the track through regular blocks on the boom, through a block at the base, then through three blocks at the bases of stanchions (one pictured) to a secondary starboard cleat on the starboard side of the cockpit. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Pearson 424 cutter - "Effie"

    1. IMG_20171210_135629.jpg

    2. IMG_20171210_135540.jpg

    3. IMG_20171210_135516.jpg

    4. IMG_20171210_135501.jpg

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    Cheers, Rob! That pretty much aligns with the few blocks and bales that the PO left and appears dead simple.
    I’m interested in how you run your sheets without the boom. I’ve been thinking about ditching the boom and adding roof-top tracks while I’ve got the headliner down. Is that how you rigged yours or did you just run the sheets through snatch blocks somewhere since you (and I) hank on the staysail?
    I’m a KISS kinda guy and if I can avoid the complication of adding tracks…

    I’ve been semi-following your trip south on Instagram…rough times, brother!
    I’m sitting right inside the Cape Canaveral lock. If you’re looking for a good place to stop once you get your engine going, get in touch. My truck and my hands are at your disposal.

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