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    I brought this up in my chain plate post, but I thought I’d start a new thread on it.

    When we bought Revery, I new that the chainplates and stem fitting would need to be replaced at some point…that’s not a new thought with these boats. What I didn’t expect was that the stem fitting would be in such bad shape given that it’s not encapsulated and shouldn’t have suffered from crevice corrosion. The damn thing BROKE as I was removing it. Folks, inspect yours if you haven’t!!

    Being without any “good” fabricators in the area, I sent mine off to Garhauer and 4 weeks later I got a BEAUTIFUL replica. The only thing I changed was to not countersink the mounting bolt holes. Given the complexity of fabrication and the electro-polishing, I didn’t think $520 was all that bad.

    See the attached picture. If you’re interested, contact


    Revery #219

    1. Revery-Stem-Fitting.jpg

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