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    I hope that everyone is safe, and your boats are still in one piece.

    With all the chaos going on in the sailing world (hurricanes, loss of lives and vessels), I feel like our community challenges are rather insignificant. But I do want to bring them to your attention.

    We’ve been suffering from email issues for the past 3 months and there is no end in site. For the functionality we know and love to work properly, it looks like we’re going to need more people with greater skill at writing PHP and WordPress than we can reasonably afford. (If anyone has any of these skills, please contact me – I need help)

    I am disappointed that we haven’t been able to find a stable way to handle this with the technology we have at present. But I will shortly have enough time to look into options.

    I am going to refocus on content as I get to spend 6 weeks working on my boat starting in mid-October.

    Thanks for your patience.


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    What is unfortunate is that the forum providers dropped the functionality in the first place. But alas, time and technology march on. I, for one, REALLY appreciate the effort (and cash) you’ve put into finding a way to make it work for us. Kudos.

    All, I encourage everyone to keep following and posting on the web version. The knowledge in this community is priceless and it would be a shame for it to go to waste.
    I’ll definitely be more active with questions, observations, and tales of our refit starting in November. I hope others will continue to do the same.

    Revery #219

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