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    Scott Brown

    Hi everyone,
    My haul-out has ground to a hault as we unintentionally sheared off one of the bolts holding down the rudder post packing gland flange. sounds just like what Chuck did here:

    “Doing some major plumbing refit work and took apart the laz to get better access and to paint. Found witness marks that indicated leak around the rudder stuffing box flange base, as well as the stuffing box itself. In loosening up the nuts I broke off two of them. They are glassed into the hull. Dug them out and glassed in a couple replacements. Built the area back up with epoxy, creating a flat surface.


    Bedded the whole unit back in with 5200. Dropped the rudder for this project, if you have not done this the shoe at the base of the skeg is threaded for the 4 silicone bronze screws that pass through it. Had to drill them out, the screws wouldn’t turn. Once the thread ends were drilled the screws backed out toward the head end. The bronze shoe casting will be brazed and re-threaded.
    Lastly, needed a torch to heat up the shoe to get it off. It was bedded with a healthy amount of silicone as was the rudder stuffing box.


    so now I’m stuck- waiting to reinstall the new fuel tank, then the engine, and I have help here waiting on my decision on what to do- should i just plug the one hole that the stud came out of and move on or do i need to drill this out and start a whole rudder-dropping nightmare that will add weeks to the project!!

    sounds like chuck has seen how this thing goes together- even tried to post pictures once, but I can’t find anything on how to reach him or how to see the pictures he tried posting!

    anyone with info/pictures/contact info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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