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    Nate Worthington

    Hello all, I’m Nate owner of walkabout, hull 58. We decided to leave south Florida for hurricane season and spend it in the Chesapeake. The ole westerbeke didn’t miss a beat until we were an hour out of Annapolis. As im in the process of tearing the engine down to find out what happened and if its fixable, i was curious on what most owner choose as a repower option new and used. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I thought of having my old w58 rebuilt but the parts, labor and shipping cost was going to be quite expensive (didn’t have time to do it myself). Bought a new Nanni n4.65 and, after a number of delays, got it installed. Too early to give you a report but will post a full update with photos hopefully soon.

    Here were some of my considerations I used
    * Wanted a older non-common rail fuel system. These have more complex electronics, and I preferred to avoid electrics that would be hard to support in remote locations
    * Wanted a horsepower curve similar to the W58
    * Needed global parts availability
    * Was getting more engineering details from Nanni support than the salesish language from Beta

    Some surprises
    The area around the installed fiberglass engine bed didn’t drain well and I needed to remove it anyway so out it went. Then I found that the strut mount had been leaking and we had to drop the strut and remove or dry out lots of materials between the strut and the engine bed. Much grinding fiberglass work and little joy. Had help from a friend and amazingly he’s still a friend.

    Advice. If you need to rebuild the engine bed, build a full size rig that has the exact position of the engine mounts and all the key points at the engine’s parameters—I missed the banjo bolt at the base of the oil pan and had a bit of carving to make it all fit. And if you use wood for the supports, use white, not red oak. It’s said to have good rot resistance. I tabbed and wrapped mine in about 1/4” of fiberglass. Be sure to make some drainage hold so water isn’t retained.

    BTW, if I can find time and parts I plan to rebuild the old w58 and sell it, but not sure when that will happen.

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