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    Hey There,
    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. I recently did an oil change on my Westerbeke 64A Four. All went as planned, including adding a new oil filter. I’d always used OEM/Westerbeke 040154 filters, but recently purchased some Sierra equivalent filters (23-7826), at a significant savings. When I started the engine to check for leaks, the gasket on the filter gave way, sending oil ALL OVER my aft cabin and into the bilge, engine cradle, etc. Spent some time cleaning, then tried a fresh filter (another Sierra), thinking maybe that one was flawed or maybe I jacked the gasket when screwing it on. started the engine… same thing!

    No, there was not a “stuck extra gasket” in the bracket, nor any other type of obstruction or debris. All was clear. So I ordered some new Westerbeke filters (waited 2 weeks, cuz that is so difficult to ship apparently). The Westerbeke filters arrived and I compared them with the Sierras. The gasket is DEFINITELY a different size/dimension/diameter. So the the Sierra equivalent is CLEARLY incorrect. What’s worse, I found a thread discussing this from several years ago and the poster said he reached out to Sierra and informed them, but apparently they’ve done nothing to resolve this. It is also worth noting, the ONLY filter that Sierra claims this is for, is the 040154. Again, it is NOT useable; so don’t use it.

    While the $40 Westerbeke filter price is a bit much, I’d gladly pay the additional $25 once (or twice) a year, to avoid the chaos, mess and environmental grossness.

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    W58 engine – I have been using Fram PH8A oil filters for years with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Buy them in any auto parts store or Walmart for under $5.

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    I have a westerbeke 63C four. I’ve used NAPA 1324 oil filter without issues for 12 years.
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