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15 July, 2005
 Piescik, Walter      Jun 6 , 2005



I ran my walter RV20 vdrive this past weekend in 80 degree weather for about 2 hours at 20 July, 2005

I bypassed  the cooling chamber in the v drive entirely without ill effects. The unit never got more than lukewarm.

edwin.merrick      Jun 6

Hi Walter,

Thank you very much for trying this.  You have confirmed what several of us suspected for years but you actually did the test.  What lubricant do you use in the transmission and what was your boat speed, engine RPM, and prop type, size? I use  #80 gear oil and this might produce more heat than #30 engine oil.  Walter recommends both.


Piescik, Walter      Jun 6

I used 30 weight engine oil. I have a maxprop, 20" in think. I don't remember the pitch... 11.3", maybe?

I was running at about 1800, which is about 6.5-7 knots. I ran it harder for a period, about 7.5 knots, maybe 2100. I don't often run harder than that, it just isn't comfortable.

Piescik, Walter 
  Jun 13
I continue to run my V drive without any form of cooling without any issues. It does not get warm to the touch even under sustained load.

I have installed a temp sensor that sounds an alarm when the temp gets over 200 degrees. I would have liked one that alarmed at 150 degrees but I could not find one.

For the record, the sensor that fits the pipe thread in the side of the V drive is the Standard TS217 aka NAPA FS13. This sensor has two spade fittings, the right size pipe threads, and the lowest threshold temp I could find.