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Hi Rob,
I’ve attached the document I got from the previous round of orders (from Railmakers in SoCal). Dave at Railmakers is currently working on mine. I gave him my deposit a week or so ago and he said it’d be probably 3 weeks before he was finished. For all who are interested in the Railmaker Mast Pulpits, they’ll be $800 a pair and Dave has asked to wait until we see how mine fit (I’m the guinea pig) before he cranks out a bunch of them. I have the list of folks who were interested (I believe its about 7 or 8 of you at this point). 
Once Dave is confident with his design, you can start the orders. I’m sure he’ll be stoked.
If there are other fabricators doing the same work for less (and I suspect that is possible), I’m sure we’d all like to know. For reference, Dave is doing the Pulpits in 316ss and including the step and the bails.
S/V Talisman
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