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Ryan Doyle

Juniper is a plan C ketch. Not sure if fridge sizes varied between boat layouts.

Is there a Plan C Ketch? I thought they were all cutters. Do you have the galley to starboard? Just curious.

We have a plan C and a “SEA FROST BD 12 with AEO” air cooled system and I don’t have any complaints although haven’t gotten to the energy audit part of the refit yet.

Hmm… I believe it’s called a “plan c”, though I could be wrong. Galley is to starboard, we don’t have the second companionway, we have enclosed aft berth with its own head, and she’s definitely got two masts 😉

I’ll attach some photos here. She is a 1983.

  1. 68AC57B9-557B-4482-9BDA-5303F54B6080.jpeg

  2. B6E3C625-7F51-42D8-86E2-F0780B064B33.jpeg

  3. 7BB73FFF-F37D-4A65-B92B-068FB04F2079.jpeg