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      Hello Ewan,

      I noticed I wasn’t receiving e-mails from the site, so I visited the website to check my profile. My profile was correct…I should have been getting the e-mails for General Discussion and Announcements. So I ‘resubmitted’ my profile and now the e-mail functionality has returned. I mention this because it may be a common problem for other site users…need to ‘refresh’.

      David Tye

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      Ken Page
      This is the first email I have received from the site in quite a while.


      Taking what comes as I get it, using it all as much as I can and trying hard to leave all the shit behind.

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      Ken,  you may want to check your profile on the website.  Could be you are only signed up to receive ‘Announcements’, but not ‘General Discussion’.  This message was sent out under ‘Announcements’. Even if the profile indicates correctly, I would resubmit/refresh.




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      We’re doing a lot of work trying to stabilize the email functionality – since some WordPress upgrades, it hasn’t been working properly. Our engineer in India is trying to get a handle on it and resolve things. So far he has identified one big issue and now email is working (kinda) again.
      My personal account on the site isn’t getting email either (

      Admin |

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