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I talked to a salesman at a boat show a few years back about the external units.  They look to be of pretty good quality and I haven’t heard anything bad about them.  Of course you can expect a reduction in sailing performance on the order of half a knot I am told, but  I don’t think it should be that much based on what I saw. I believe the fellow told me that one had been installed  on a 424 and the owner disagreed with the maker of the unit regarding it’s installation.  Specifically the angle at which the unit was mounted.  He reportedly felt a more ‘streamlined’ arrangement would work better and had an angled shim of some sort  installed.  The company disagreed but did it anyway.  That’s all I know.  Perhaps the individual who had this unit installed will read this and enlighten us further. I too am intrigued by the idea but that will have to wait, probably indefinitely.



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