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      Ryan Doyle

      Hey all,

      I’ve long felt that there was a need in the sailing community for a place for sailors to exchange used gear. So much of what we end up buying new is very expensive (and even wasteful) when you consider how much lightly used sailboat gear is out there that’s not being utilized.

      My idea was for a simple website where sailors can post their used sailboat gear and items for sale for free.

      I just made my site live the other day at

      I’m curious to hear what you all think of it. I’d love to hear suggestions for improvements, ideas for how to get the word out to other sailors, etc… And heck if you have any used stuff to sell please post it!

      I’m happy to answer any questions. Contact me through the form on the website, or here at my email. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing any thoughts.


      1983 Pearson 424 Ketch
      Curve of Time
      Hull #206

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      Ben Frothingham
      Great site, great idea.
      I noticed when I went to the link for the C&C 27 and opened a photo it only brought up one at a time and getting back to full list was cumbersome if I opened more than one. Not sure if that was because I am using an iPad but being able to scroll through photos when you open one would be good. Anyway, nice work.

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