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      Needing help in finding previous owners of our 424..
      We are a P 424 Ketch with a Cape Horn wind vane..
      It is in need of rebuilding and replacement parts..
      I have record of the past two owners but the original purchaser is further back.
      Each Cape Horn is custom cut and fitted to each boat and they keep records of each sale.
      I need to know which one or if neither to order the rebuild parts..
      It seems that they have only sold 2 for the 424 ketch..
      One to a RF Turner from Atlantic city and the other one to Joe Piazza from Orlando fl..
      Does this site have any records that would list either owner and which serial number of the boat they may have owned..
      Any help is welcome…
      John Dunphy

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      The owners registry has some info. Shows the hull number, you may be able to search the serial number from that.

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