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      Rock Richardson

      recently did a compression test on my w-58 and got 300 psi. is that low for these engines ?
      thanks Rock

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      Bryan Bywalec

      From the owner’s manual:

      Check compression pressure

      Remove each glow plug and check cylinders, one by one, using a compression pressure gauge. If the pressure differs by more than 3.0 kg/cm2(42.7 psi) between cylinders or if the cylinder pressure is less than 30 kg/cm2 (427.0 psi) at 200 RPM, correct it.

      Was there a big difference between cylinders?

      Bryan Bywalec
      S/V Pelican, Hull 209
      Siren Engineering, LLC

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      Rock Richardson

      my mechanic did the test

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      spell bound #80 1979 ketch


      i had my compression checked 2years ago and had about 330-333 on all cylinders. i thought i saw in one of my books on engine that original was 427 psi but i will check agian when i get back south on it in a couple weeks

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