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      Good Day. I hope. We are sort of bracing for Cristobal here on the Northern Gulf Coast. Hopefully not much of a threat.

      My question today pertains to the deck scuppers. Mine are leaking into the interior and I’ve already been through the re-bed process with negative results. I believe the plastic is deteriorated and the molded in piece on the fitting designed to prevent items from unintentionally going down the scupper is long missing…and the points at which it used to attach to the fitting are suspect. Soooo, need to replace. I’m looking at Perko #0328DP8 (plastic) and Forespar #906030 (marelon). Wondering if anyone has any recent experience selecting a fitting, and if there is a better choice than the aforementioned options. I think either one would work, and suspect the marelon is probably the better choice from the standpoint of resistance to degradation from sunlight. Any thoughts?


      #189 Blue Moon

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      For what it is worth..
      I did a CAL 39 I had a few years ago with all new Marlon fittings and valves above and below the water line…. Worked out great with no issues or failures.. (or bonding issues)
      Just did my Mela with all new TruDesign fittings and valves.. (same fiber based composite material)..
      Walk thru the boat yard and look at the plastic thru hulls… plastic becomes brittle..
      Good luck..

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      Sorta’ what I figured. Costs a lot more for the Marlon, but guess there’s a reason for that.

      Blowing and raining here in Ft Walton, FL. Had a 37 knot gust and the water has come up a couple of feet. Otherwise just a blustery day. Blue Moon is safe in Pensacola in a nice hurricane hole for the next couple of months…


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      These are direct replacement deck scuppers?
      No deck modifications needed?

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      Well yeah. Sort of. These are both mushroom style through hulls, with flats that should match the deck. They are both advertised as 3.0″ OD on the part that shows on deck (the mushroom), and I measured my existing scupper at 3.040″. So the same. But in reality, the Forespar (Marelon) measures 2.92″. Or so. So I’ll have a bit of the original deck showing around the circumference, but not much. I didn’t measure the Perko (plastic) but it appears closer to the 3.0″. And it more closely resembles the profile of the mushroom shape on the original scupper. But I’m going with the Forespar due to the superior material and belief it will hold up in the sun better.


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      Rich Harris

      David, I replaced one of mine so far. I used a flush mount thru hull (marelon) and now my scupper doesn’t pool water around the edge.
      On a side note, I’m not sure what Pearson was thinking with placement. Both sides of the boat puddle water between the two scuppers.

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