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      Mike Freauf

      Hey fellow 424 sailors. Has anyone rigged their 424 with a code 0 or similar?


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      The 424 is a dog downwind in light air without some kind of downwind sail, less than about 12 kts. I’ve never heard of code 0 sails so I did a search. It looks like a hanked-on oversized Genoa. It also appears that you need to change the sail for apparent wind angles. I don’t see why anyone would want one. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong sites.

      I have an oversized asymmetrical spinnaker with a sock. It’s pretty easy to launch and retrieve and works very well at angles above about 120 degrees to about 70 degrees apparent. I’ll have to say that I don’t use it if I’m single-handing. I need a foredeck person who knows how to launch and retrieve it. It’s not difficult but the foredeck person needs to be mechanically inclined. He or she needs to be able to look up and think “oh, that doesn’t look quite right.” and do something about it. Not everyone has that rather simple skill.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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