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      Michael Smola

      Could someone give me a name of a supplier for new engine mounts for the ole westerbeke?
      Thanks, mike

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      I assume that you thought of checking with Westerbeke. Let me guess, they want an arm and a leg for OEM mounts. Defender sells mounts but you just missed their spring sale. You’d want to insure that the holes on the bases are the same distance as what you have or you’ll end up with a lot of extra work.
      There’s a bit of magic with these things. The rubber insulator is supposed to be matched to the weight and power ratning of your engine. If you get one that’s too big, it may allow vibration to get through the mount. As I recall when I had a red engine, it vibrated like a paint-shaker at cruising speed anyway. Don’t go too small though. I’m the red beast is pretty heavy.

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      I installed new bushings from “The Bushings Inc”, sourced through Go2marine. PN DF2207-2. This is the part no. specified by them for the W58/Perkins 4-154. The new bushings improved the vibration problem I was having but it still vibrates, primarily when pulled back to idle and at certain RPMs. Changed engines at one point (another W58) and no change in the vibrations.

      I contacted The Bushings Inc and explained my unhappiness with the vibrations. They suggested I try the bushings for the Perkins 4-108. Same vibration isolator dimensionally, but softer rubber. To date I have not done so. If anyone else has done so I’d like to hear your results.

      I did go through the process of aligning the engine/V-drive, etc. (and have re-checked as I’ve moved components to facilitate other maintenance). Some improvement but not really better. The owner of a 4-108 on a Pearson 365 said he experienced a remarkable improvement from changing the U-joints on the drive shaft, even though his originals appeared fine. I did the same with no appreciable improvement.

      It’s interesting that when I observe engines operating on other sailing auxiliaries (generally boats that are newer and smaller than ours) the engines bounce around on their isolators a good bit at idle. On my 424, the engine is pretty much rock solid at idle. I guess the boat is what’s doing the moving vice the engine. Not necessarily the ideal arrangement!

      Blue Moon

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