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      John Livi

      Hello, recently during a sailing trip to Menorca I saw that the some salt water from the waves breaking on the bow was entering into the chain locker and flowing below the bow cabin floor, down near the mast, below the saloon table and down into the bilge. Is it the same configuration in all the Pearson 424 ?
      I think it’s a good idea to keep the weight of the chain lower, into the anchor well, down into the bow. But like this we always have the bolts of the mast basement below the water. And water in the bilge. I spoke with a FRP technician here and he told me he had never seen a sailing boat with this configuration. According to him That shouldn’t be the best solution if the bilge pumps stop functioning and the waves go on breaking on the bow. So he suggested closing that passage leading water into the bilge and create two small holes as drains into the hull.
      Considering the general low quality of general configuration in more modern “plastic fantastic” I’m not too worried about that, relying more in the know-how and wisdom of Bill Shaw. And considering how these boats were well designed and built.
      But is there a way to avoid having water flowing from the chain locker ? Is it accepted as normal and we just have to pump out from the cockpit manual pump from time to time ? Or someone has solved the problem somehow ? If it’s a problem.

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      I never liked the fact that the salt water from the anchor locker flowed to the bilge and sat around the base of the mast. I know some owners have glassed the bottom of the anchor locker and put a drain overboard at the bottom of the locker. It is still on my list.

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