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      I am going thru what many of you have had to deal with.. a leaking fuel tank..
      I think I am going to pull the engine and old fuel tank and replace it. At least I am leaning that way at the moment.. I want to get bids on having a new tank fabricated but have run into something I need your help on..
      I cant seem to find the right size of the tank..
      I have read thru many of the threads on the site and I have found 2 different drawling of the tank complete with dimensions..
      The problem the dimensions do not match and the baffle is oriented differently on both.
      I will attache both drawling and would like you guys opinion..
      Thanks in advance..
      S/V Mela

      S/V Mela

      1. 424-Tank-Drawling-scaled.jpg

      2. 424-Tank-sketch.pdf

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