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      Fellow Pearson424 lovers!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you all from your community. I am writing to you to ask you for your support – In the next few weeks, I will be adding two new sections to the site:

      1. Guide to Buying a Pearson 424
      2. Guide for New Pearson 424 Owners

      For these two pages, I am soliciting your input – there is a wealth of information on our site, and these two locations will be a useful way to surface it for Prospective Owners and New Owners. What articles or posts have proven most useful to you? Let’s raise their profile!

      I’ve also added a new field to your profiles to help figure out who we are:
      Looking to Buy, Looking to Sell, Current Owner, Former Owner and Other are the options. What do you think? Can you update your profiles?

      Also, if you are an owner, particularly a new owner, please check in with Evan from Revery to update your record on the website.

      Lastly, this year, I fell short of my fundraising target for our site by about $250 or so. Thanks to those who did support the site (incidentally, we have grown to about 285 users, so we have the opportunity to spread the burden of supporting this community across our broader membership.) Some of you have elected to contribute a small amount monthly to the site – this is great idea, because it limits the impact on your cruising budget, and I know how tight those can be – see the Donate with PayPal button at the top of the page.

      Thanks for being the best part of this community!

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      I’m looking for your suggestions on content for these two guides. Anyone have ideas? I can start a few thoughts but I really need your input.


      Also, I’d like to thank the sole additional supporter for our site. We’re still about $210 short of our objective for the year. Any support is really appreciated (and helpful!)


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      Rich Harris

      Being a relatively new 424 owner, I’ve learned a lot in the past 9 months. Both guides would be immensely helpful. I would suggest links on the guides to articles and threads that cover specific topics on what to look for and how to fix them.
      I’ve gone page by page through the forum in search of information and it’s been very helpful. I’ve also used the search function but sometimes it doesn’t turn up every morsel of data available.
      I’ve been a member of other forums in the past where the sub-forums were broken down into more sub groups so that members could go into areas that were specific to certain subjects. For instance we could break out electrical and further break that out to Charging, solar, wind generation, generator, shore power, wiring etc…
      I know that’s a big job but it would really make finding information more like going to a catalog of data instead of a pile of single sheets of paper.
      Just a thought.

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      Rob Osterman

      Would it be possible to have a Pearson 424 Wikipedia and have it organized by content areas Rich suggested? Might be a good way to aggregate write-ups and projects with links back to the forum regarding discussion on the subject.

      I can help set it up if you need any technical help.

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      I’d love your help! Let me know if you’re still available.



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