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      Ryan Doyle

      Hi all,

      Wondering if anyone has painted their cabin headliner and, if so, what paint did you use? Our headliner is in good shape and doesn’t need replacement, but we don’t like the yellow-ish color and think white would brighten up the cabin. I believe the headliner is the original; it appears to be vinyl.

      Thanks for the advice.

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      Yes, more than 15 years ago, and it still looks great. I think it was plasticote, but I’m not sure. Any paint designed for vinyl.

      I had to do the ceiling in the head in place, which involved a lot of masking and a positive pressure respirator. Also I think there was one piece above the nav station.

      In addition I did the vinyl in the head with a light coat of white. The texture and a little hint of the former color came through and it looks fantastic

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