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      I believe that our holding tank has a leak in an inaccessible area. How is the tank held in place? If glassed in, will we have to cut it out? If so, what is the best tool to use?
      Dan Kalinowski
      Jolly Lama #135

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      Rich Harris

      Mine is under the salon sole and is make of nylon/plastic. It’s held in with cleats to stop lateral movement and strapped to keep it down. Mine needs replacing soon also. The top fitting isn’t holding a seal and I want a bigger better designed tank.

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      Hello Dan,
      You may want to move this post to the General Discussion area, vice the Announcement area.

      If your experience is like mine, the leak you are experiencing may be at the top of the tank, where the vent fitting is located. I cut a hole in the sole (just above the vent fitting, and under the main cabin table) and built a flange to fit the piece I cut out…so I could have future access to the area. I resealed the vent fitting and that resolved my problem.

      I ultimately wanted more holding tank capacity than the 20 gallons afforded by the existing tank. I also needed to fix/rebuild the cabin sole, including jacking it up/reinforcing where it had sagged. So wound up cutting the floor out and designing a custom holding tank with flared sides, increasing our capacity to 37 gallons. Has worked well for us for several years and hopefully will for the foreseeable future. Obviously this sort of tank cannot be removed unless the cabin sole is removed, so this was a roll of the dice. Has paid off so far. The tank was made to my specifications of plastic by Miller Plastics.

      Blue Moon

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