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      Ben Frothingham

      Hello Folks,
      We are getting ready to wander south this month and I reviewed my policy. The navigation area is “Inland and Coastal waters of the U.S. and Canada”. There is no definition of this in the policy. I emailed to ask for a definition and was asked “where are you going?” I replied not sure yet, where am I covered?. After a few rounds of this someone called to say that it might be this far and it might be that far as long as I don’t enter “foreign waters”. To which my reply was, how about the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? No, not that, but maybe 50 miles out or maybe 100 miles out….Wow!! You can bet that if I have a claim they will have a very well defined area of navigation. I find this all hard to believe but am currently looking to Bluewater for a quote. Also, Boat US has raised my rates 30% in the past few years. I have no claim history and have a 100 Ton license… Anyone have suggestions?? Stay well!!

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      john stevenson

      I and many cruisers I encountered over the past 15 years use the Markel Jackline policy offered by IMIS (now part of the Gowrie group). I never had to make a claim, but know several cruisers who did make a claim and were satisfied with the response and support they got from IMIS.
      The core business for IMIS is cruisers rather than weekend sailors so you should never have to deal with the kind of response you got from Boat/US ( I think they are the broker for standard GEICO insurance policy).
      The Jackline policy is geared to cruisers, fully covering an extended ocean voyage by a couple. Also they will cover single-handed passages of up to 24 hours (good for inlet hoping up/down the east coast.
      Again I never had to make a claim on my policy, but I was generally satisfied that the policy was good value. My only issue was their boundary for tropical storm coverage was the Florida/Georgia state line. For much of the last 10 years I kept my boat in Jacksonville, 30 nm south of the state line. To have TS coverage I had to add that to my policy.

      Good luck with your cruising plans and insurance needs.


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      Rich Harris

      I had a similar encounter with my Boat US policy. When I bought my boat it was in Stuart FL and we sailed it offshore using the Gulf Stream to push us along to the Chesapeake. Before we left I asked the exact same thing because my policy was worded as yours. I never got a definite answer but they verbally affirmed I was good at that distance offshore.
      I really wasn’t satisfied with the answer but I took a chance. Before my wife and I go cruising tot he Bahamas and Caribbean, we’re going to find another insurer.

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      just got a rate raise of m ore than $1000 for same coverage from Boat US. Not sure if there is any good option due to needing another survey when you change insurers.

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