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      Happy Spring! I’ve been up to my neck in my bottom job, and really making some progress on my refit, so I’ve not been paying too much attention to our community. I’m curious, though, who is planning on participating in any cruising events, races etc in the coming months? Can you share what you’re doing? For those of us in the boat yard (like me and a few others) its really inspirational.

      When I looked down and saw daylight coming through the crack in the bottom of my keel, I figured I’d need to be in the yard until the end of summer, so I’m selfishly looking to live vicariously through you. Perhaps others are in a similar situation!

      Fair winds!


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      I just splashed last month after six years parked under a tree in the woods. I don’t know exactly when or where but I’m sure going somewhere as soon as I get the engine running.

      Will be happy to post reports and send pictures. 🙂

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